Root Rat Research Has Found That Sydney Is Australia’s Horniest City & Top 10 In The World

Well, well, well. Normally when you think of “seductive” cities, Australia certainly doesn’t come to mind. But it looks like one naughty city has been recognised as kinky AF, and yeah, it’s dirty ol’ Sydney.

The Bottle Club released its ranking of the top 20 most “seductive” cities in the world and Sydney was the *only* Aussie city to make it, coming in at ninth place. Take that Melbourne!

The lists rates cities based on the number of strip clubs, sex events, kinky people, porn star names, one hour hotels, OnlyFans creators, champagne bars, and oyster restaurants the cities host. So basically, all the places where you can fucc, or the things which make you want to.

While Sydney ranked on the lower end when it came to its population of kinky people, it ranked pretty fkn high in  porn star names (ofc) and… pay by the hour hotels.

That may come as a surprise but it makes perfect sense if you think about it — where else are you meant to root when rent is so expensive that we’re all still living with our parents or 17 flatmates. The car? What if you don’t have one of those either?? Cheap hotels it is.

Top 20 most seductive cities in the world graph.
The 20 most “seductive” cities in case you need help with your itinerary. Source: The Bottle Club.

London, Las Vegas and New York were the top three most seductive cities on the list, with Vegas unsurpisingly having the highest number of strip clubs.

While London might seem random atop Vegas, it turns out it has 131 fucc events across the city and more than 10,000 OnlyFans creators. Oh, and the city has 167,197 people signed up to fetish sites. The porn star name probably speaks for itself though.

Well, there ya have it folks — the perfect holiday itineray of the top 20 cities you absolutely have to visit. That’s the point of this list, right?