Pornhub Will Only Be Letting Americans Who Vote In Their Election Have A Wank Tomorrow

To encourage Americans to vote at the election tomorrow, Pornhub are going reserve the site for voters ONLY.

Unlike Australia where voting is compulsory, Americans can choose not to vote. That’s why companies like Pornhub are getting creative, to encourage people to head to the polls.

The campaign cleverly tells voters “if they don’t give a fuck, they don’t get a fuck.” When they say “get a fuck” they don’t mean you’ll be getting lucky, but you will be able to watch other people get some, or something…

“Roughly 43 percent of eligible voters — equal to 100 million people — didn’t vote in the 2016 U.S presidential election, according to turnout estimates from the U.S. Elections Project,” said Pornhub VP Corey Price in a statement.

“We want to encourage people to do their civic duty this year by casting their ballot and having their voice heard.”

So how will it work? From 10am until 9pm (US time), users accessing the site will be greeted by a page reminding them to vote. Pornhub haven’t explained how they will be able to track if users have voted, but I’m assuming it will be some kind of honour system.

It’s not the first time the porn site have actually done something um, good. Earlier this year they made Pornhub Premium free across the globe, to encourage people to stay home and flatten the rona curve.

But despite their positive efforts, they still have a lot to work on. One of the world’s most famous Pornhub stars, Mia Khalifa spoke out about how Bangbros exploited her and still use her videos six years on, despite asking for them to be taken down. While, she doesn’t directly blame Pornhub, the site still profits from her videos.

So yes, it’s great that Pornhub are encouraging people to vote. But it doesn’t mean we should stop calling them out on their problematic behaviour.