Ryan Creamer, Pornhub’s Most Wholesome Star, Has Retired With The Ultimate Money Shot

ryan creamer pornhub

In a truly sad day for pure and true content, the beloved Wholesome Pornhub contributor Ryan Creamer has decided to call it a day – exactly two years since his very first video on the porn site.

Ryan made the announcement early this morning on his Twitter, saying that in the two years he’s been producing his brand of wholesome pornography for his PornHub career, he’s seen so much fun injected into his life.

Fittingly, his final video is his own money shot, shown in his classic POV style as he literally hands you $20 and tells you not to spend it all at once.


If you’re not familiar with Ryan Creamer’s work, he’s an absolute master in taking the classics of the porn genre and spinning them into wildly wholesome adaptations.

He kicked off his career two years ago in 2018 with a video titled I Tuck You In After You Cum, a wonderfully cosy POV of Ryan putting blankets over you and giving you a tiny little smooch.

In the last two years, Ryan uploaded 84 different videos to Pornhub, including classics like Feet Remain In Shoes,’ I, Your Pool Boy, Clean Your Pool, Showering Stepsister’s Privacy Is Respected, and A Room Full Of Guys Take Turns Complimenting You. His impeccable work has seen him amass over 36,000 subscribers and 11 million views, and is one of the humble faves on the rudie nudie platform.

All of his videos are pure, good, and safe for work – though the popup ads are definitely not.


He’s also done work with other porn stars like Asa AkiraMolly Stewart, and Abigail Mac, collaborating with them for videos on sun protection, cooking, and sitting in a hotel room not having sex.

After his retirement announcement, many fans and fellow porn stars took to Twitter to thank Ryan Creamer for his contribution to the adult entertainment industry over the last couple of years.

Gotta pour one out for the King Of Pornhub.

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