Apparently ‘Bachie In Paradise’ Hornbags Didn’t Wear Cock Socks While Filming

Gossip rag New Weekly has cum out with a fluid-based ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ bombshell: apparently none of the contestants used condoms while filming the show.

No dinguses were wrapped. No peens covered in sheens. No plastic gloves on the love slugs.

The gooey update came from an “an on-set source”, who claimed that “because everyone had been told it was an STI-free zone, people weren’t too worried about using protection when it came to having sex.”

And while we have absolutely zero intel, we have a strong feeling those bachie rejects were bumping uglies when the lights went out. The entire premise of the show, whether or not it’s explicitly expressed, is to do the fuck.

Supposedly each contestant had a full screening for sexually transmitted infections ahead of flying to the Fijian island for the series. It was only once a doctor had submitted their clean results to producers that they were booked flights to the tropical locale.

Even though rooms were apparently stocked full of condoms (and snacks, we hope), many of the cast chose to let their chonguses roam, untethered by rubbers.

That’s all well and good, but have they considered a little thing called insemination? Can you imagine if one of the contestants fell gregnort? The thought of a Bachie in Paradise-based sprog strikes tea spilling-terror into our hearts.

“At one point, the girls started blowing up the condoms and playing with them as balloons on the lawns,” that same well-placed source mused.

And if that wasn’t Tara, we’ll eat our hat.

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