If you’re a true crime podcast enthusiast, it’s likely you’re constantly on the hunt for new listens. Well here’s your next binge – Audible’s Ghosthunter.

The Audible Original follows Jason King, a security guard and self-proclaimed ghost hunter. Think you know what to expect? You don’t – see, the first ghost Jason ever saw was his brother’s, who told him to find his estranged dad, who disappeared when Jason was a kid.

Ben Lawrence co-wrote and hosted the podcast, which traces Jason’s journey into his family’s past, uncovering secrets and remembering his forgotten childhood. The journey spans seven years – this podcast has been in the works for a long time. In fact, Ben became super close to Jason.

“You never know how deep the rabbit hole will take you. There were so many personal twists and turns over the seven years creating Ghosthunter that I found myself deeply immersed in Jason’s life, I was even the best man at his wedding.” 

With reviewers calling it a “paranormal S-Town”, according to Audible’s press statement, it’s safe to say this is likely to be another massive one.

Ghosthunter is currently streaming on Audible.