It’s a mystery for the ages. That time in 2011, when a janitor found $100K shoved in a sanitary bin and then down the toilet pipes in one of the Channel 9 building dunnies.

Don’t remember it? It wasn’t widely reported on, really – because the leads dried up quick-smart. The Herald Sun reported on it, though – get ready for a real ride, guys.

Basically, janitor Chamindu Amarsinghe was casually cleaning the disabled toilet on the ground floor of the Docklands Channel 9 building back in August, 2011. While emptying the sanitary bin, he made a very strange discovery. Wads and wads of $50 and $100 notes, to be specific.

“There was too much to count, I thought someone was playing a prank on me,” he told the Herald Sun.

Being the honest guy he is, Chamindu alerted his supervisor who called the cops. They collected more than $100K (!!!) and took it off to start investigations.

The following week, plumbers were called in after numerous toots backed up. They worked on the pipes and found the problem – WADS OF CASH. Literal bunches of notes flushed down the disabled toilet had stuffed the system.

see even american paper money doesn’t go down

Police counted another grand or more, and so they mystery deepened. CCTV footage showed a guy entering the building with two duffel bags and going into the disabled toilet – for five hours. That’s either a giant plop or something more suss.

But the CCTV footage didn’t give away clues as to who the mystery guy was. One guy was charged, but the charges were quickly dropped.

The good news? Chamindu got to eventually keep around $80K of the loot for being honest – since there was no way to determine who owned it. A sweet end to a truly bizarre story.

The mystery remains unsolved… but you can listen to all the theories on our true crime podcast, All Aussie Mystery Hour, on iTunes, Spotify or below.

Image: Getty Images