If you’re rich, famous and god forbid, good looking, you can pretty much do whatever you damn well please in life. I’m convinced that famous people are acutely aware of this, as they seem to constantly be pushing the boundaries of what is considered downright ridiculous and what is the latest Hollywood trend.

It looks like Zac Efron is doing just that, as new photos of the 30-year-old have emerged that show off a particularly nuanced sense of… style.

The photos appear to be the first look at Zac’s new character in Harmony Korine’s new film, The Beach Bum, which will follow the life of a rebellious stoner and also feature Matthew McConaughey and Isla Fisher.


Fans certainly had mixed reactions about his new look, ranging from “Haha this bloke looks a bit weird” to “Sweet Jesus Christ what has become of my favourite human in the Universe”.

It’s truly a testament to how annoyingly attractive this man is because, despite how much I’m fighting it, he’s definitely pulling off the panini beard.

Details about Zac’s new movie are thin on the ground right now, but we’ll be sure to make fun of him if we get to see any more of this already iconic getup.

Image: Image / Twitter