Let me warn you; you might burst into tears at this precious story. Because sometimes (and only sometimes) the Internet is a good and kind place, and it gives me faith in humanity again.

About a month ago, Kelli Brown tweeted out that her beautiful senior dog Jaxon was soon to lose his favourite toy ever, and their local pet store had stopped stocking them. His favourite toy! Discontinued! He refused to play with anything else, so Kelli was worried he’d never be truly happy again.

Not wanting a sweet old man dog to live out his days alone with no toys, WeRateDogs writer Matt Nelson shared Kelli’s tweet, asking if anyone had spotted remaining stock of the now-rare toy for sweet Jaxon.

Although the Internet can be a roaring bin-fire filled with steaming hot trash, sometimes – just sometimes – it is really, really good.

The toy call-out was spotted by a PetSmart employee who then shared it to a work Facebook group and lo and behold, someone found enough of Jaxon’s favourite toy and sent them over to the old angel pup so he had backups for when he loves his current one to pieces.

Oh my HEART I cannot even bloody take this. It’s too much. Too pure. Too perfect.

I’m so glad that Jaxon not only has one new Greenie toy to play with, but like TEN of them.

Look he’s SO HAPPY.

God I love the Internet sometimes.

Image: Twitter