In deeply distressing doggo news: seven mistreated puppies have been found in a box by the roadside in Forest Hill in regional Queensland, about 83 kilometres west of Brisbane, according to reports from Nine News.

The puppies were found last night by a member of the public and taken to UQ Vets Small Animal Hospital, before they were moved to RSPCA Queensland this morning.

All seven of the puppies have been found by vets to suffer from a severe case of mites, which has caused hair loss and scarring. A mite infestation in young dogs – medically referred to as cheyletiellosis – can be very serious, with skin abrasions leading to an increased risk of infection due to the puppies’ immature immune systems.

RSCPA QLD’s chief vet, Anne Chester, said: “It’s upsetting to see this sort of treatment with any animal, to see it in seven young and loving puppies is truly heartbreaking.”

The only good news in this story – apart from the puppers being saved by a good Samaritan and a group of dedicated/heroic vets –  is that the puppies remain precious and beautiful. WHAT KIND OF MONSTER WOULD LET THIS HAPPEN TO THEM?

Seven Puppies Found Abandoned In A Box On The Side Of The Road In Rural QLDSeven Puppies Found Abandoned In A Box On The Side Of The Road In Rural QLD

Image source: RSCPA.

The community-based charity is urging anyone with info about the dogs to give them a call at: 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).

Source: Nine News
Image: RSPCA