Makeup vlogs are used by loads of people not just to learn about smokey eyes and how to contour your cheekbones into oblivion, but as a soothing and very weird form of meditation. If you’re already across this – hello, I am your people. If you’re not, you’re missing out.

Because for many it’s less about the makeup and more about the process of watching someone gently blend eyeshadow (god we’re a weird generation), it makes complete sense that watching this dog get it’s “makeup” done is sending the internet into meltdown.

Meet Malachi, the pit bull turned beauty vlogger. He is a very, very good boy and also the perfect model.

To clarify – this isn’t real makeup, or even pet-friendly makeup (if that exists).  It’s just Malachi’s owner gently brushing his cute lil’ face with some soft makeup brushes. Do not – repeat, do not – put makeup on your dog, it is not good for their sensitive lil’ faces.

“This look will be perfect for a date at the dog park, or just a casual walk around the neighbourhood,” Malachi says in his intro. Yes, yes it will. Here’s the final lewk.

Frankly Malachi needs his own channel and to do this every week. 10/10 would watch each and every video, tbh.

Image: Twitter / @noelaniig