In today’s initially-heartbreaking-but-ultimately-heartwarming news, an abandoned doggo with an upside-down nose was left for dead before finding both a new home and a new lease on life. I’m not crying, I swear…. there’s just a lot of dust in the office.

According to 7NEWS, Rudy was handed in to Australian Animal Protection Society‘s shelter in Melbourne a few months back. He was roughly a third of the size of every other pup in his litter and no one wanted him because of his beautifully-odd schnozzle. (Why wouldn’t you want this precious muffin? I’m weeping.)

Rudy’s nostrils are inverted and above the snout, and they ultimately required surgery last week, but look at him now!



A family has been lined up but will need to wait for final clearances until they can officially adopt. I’m just so happy he’s found a loving home.

Either way, Rudy is the now most precious pup on the web.

When thinking about welcoming a new animal friend into your life, it’s so important to consider adopting – there is an abundance of furry friends and critters out there who’ve had a bit of a ruff trot, are itching for a second chance and deserve all the love they can get.

Check out the pounds and shelters in your area – I’m sure they’ve overflowing with animal friends in need.

Source: 7NEWS

Image: 7NEWS