This TikToker Just Exposed What Baristas Do To Our Coffee Orders If We’re Rude & It’s Fkn Evil

TikTok Decaf Coffee

As someone who worked in retail and customer service for five years, I know the all-consuming rage that comes with having shitty customers that don’t think twice about ruining your day – but this petty king on TikTok has taken the best kind of revenge against his bratty customers, and by best I mean pettiest.

TikTok user @dolltin, who worked at Starbucks, revealed in a video that when customers were rude to him, he would give them decaf coffee instead of regular. I mean, how would they know the difference? And who would even think such an evil crime was possible?

@dolltin#stitch with @tiddytiddymilk♬ original sound – dolltin

Oh, the simplicity. The ingenuity. The pettiness. The sheer AUDACITY to pull off a crime so heinous, yet so effortless. I love to see it, and my years of being yelled at by Karens from Bondi means I really don’t give a flying fuck if this ruined anyone’s day.

In fact, I hope it did. I actively wish suffering upon bad customers who treat hospo workers like shit. All the times I was 18 years old, fresh out of high school, and crying in the backroom because a customer yelled at me for something I didn’t do has nurtured a rage that only the pettiness from this TikTok can quell.

A few people in the comments saw this TikTok for the gem it was, but some people (who did *not* pass the vibe check) seem to be mortally offended at the idea that people who get bullied by customers deserve to retaliate in mostly harmless, but hilarious ways. Tell me you haven’t work in retail without telling me you haven’t worked in retail, honestly.

@dolltin, whatever your real name is, I hope you know you’re loved, you’re doing God’s work, and I’m forever grateful for your service.