A Hospital In China Has Gone All In On TikTok & Bought Three Content Houses For Some Reason

The increasingly lucrative business of TikTok content creation has attracted a new kind of investor: hospitals. Specifically, the company which owned the Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, but which is now pivoting to focus exclusively on social media branding for TikTok content houses.

China-based Tongji Healthcare, which has officially abandoned the healthcare part of its name, has just finished its acquisition of a company which owned not one but three TikTok content mansions: The Clubhouse BH, The Clubhouse Europe, and Not a Content House.

“We believe The Clubhouse has significant proprietary value that can be tapped in service of either deals with outside brands or the popularisation and expansion of our own in-house branding projects,” Tongji’s CEO Amir Ben-Yohanan said in a statement on Wednesday.

The Clubhouse was founded in Beverly Hills earlier this year by former Hype House resident Daisy Keech and fellow influencer Abby Rao.

Their mansion is estimated to be worth $30 million alone, and their content is, well, pure influencer shit.

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Not a Content House (which is, in fact, a content house) was founded shortly after this.

Then, a few months later in September, The Clubhouse spawned a second mansion on the idyllic Mediterranean island of Malta.

Of course, the creators who are part of each house upload not only their personal and shared TikTok accounts, but all over YouTube and Instagram too.

Social media branding is big business, baby. And by big, we’re talking $84 billion big, according to analysts cited by Tongji.

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Now the company’s also in the process of changing its name from Tongji Healthcare to the Clubhouse Media Group, which makes a fair bit of sense tbh.

In the near future, the company plans to found even more content houses in even more parts of the world. Could an Aussie TikTok mansion be on the cards? It’s a possibility.

The end goal is to “continue to aggressively add to its team of popular influencers”, so if you’re hot shit on TikTok and need a vast mansion to wreak havoc in, it might be worth making yourself known to Tongji Healthcare/the Clubhouse Media Group/whatever their final name ends up being.