A Study Expert Shared Tips For Memorising Things ‘Instantly’ & My Brain Is About To Get So Big

An Aussie study expert has shared her foolproof method for memorising things “instantly” on TikTok, and my sieve of a brain is quaking.

Dr Sarah Rav (@sarahrav) is a medical doctor and lifestyle specialist who shares study and productivity tips with her 1.9 million (and counting!) TikTok followers, which is super fkn useful for those who are master procrastinators like moi.

She’s currently going viral on the clock app for teaching people how to remember things in a jiffy with a 15-second video.

“It’s scary how well this works,” she penned over the clip, which contains a life-changing four-step process.

Rav said you should begin by reading the material you want to memorise in your head before reading it again out loud.

Then, she advises you to close your eyes and say the information aloud

The fourth and final step is to write down what you’ve learned from memory. Simples!

“This memory hack is INSANE!” Rav added in the TikTok’s caption. “Use it to memorise all your school work INSTANTLY and get ahead.” And where was this during my Year 12 exams?!?!

While it all sounds pretty basic, Rav’s followers took to the comment section to claim the hack is a spot-on memorisation technique.

“I usually do that… and let me tell y’all… it works,” one user penned. 

Another said they “do this all the time and passed all [their] exams”.

However, one follower said they were sceptical that it wouldn’t be “efficient if you have a lot to study”. Turns out Rav has another four-step hack for just that!

In an additional video, she detailed the Feynman Technique for bulkier study loads, which you can peep here.

Big brain time!