Let This AI Bot Roast Your Spotify Wrapped, But Don’t Cry To Me When It Calls You Sad AF

spotify ai bot roast

Spotify Wrapped has come and gone, but if you’re still in the mood for a computer to spew out data about your listening habits, you’re in luck because a new AI generator is here to absolutely roast you for your (probably) shit taste in music.

This bot from The Pudding will judge your god-awful taste in music, and simply will not hold back. No seriously, trust me.

As someone who went through a breakup this year, and who has a dangerous addiction to shitty early 00s bubblegum pop and Soulja Boy, I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting when I asked a bot to roast me. But hoo boy, this was a lot.

After sifting through a few pages of subtle roasting, the AI spits out a final page report on your music taste, giving you a multi-hyphenated phrase that sums up your year in music, before giving a more in-depth report.

The report gives you statistics, like your basic percentage, as well as a number of mini roasts that will hurt 100x more because you *know* they’re accurate.

Personally, I was told that my music taste is both low-cut-jean-pop bad *and* heavy-eyeliner-avril-stan bad. Both are incredibly true.

Basically, listening to equal parts Fall Out Boy and Paris Hilton has taught the algorithm that I am a hot mess in 2020. I mean, can you blame me.

Anyway, if you’re keen to be roasted about your manic-pixie-dream-girl bad music taste and the fact that you *maybe* over-did it on the Soulja Boy this year, you can get your own personalised roast here.