Newcastle TikTokers Are Creating COVID Memes & This Is A Positive Result We Can Get Behind

newcastle argyle house tiktok memes

With Newcastle hitting more than 200 infected individuals from one ’70s themed night out, folks who caught COVID-19 are now making TikToks to channel their anger towards the infected person who went out and partied.

Out of the 680 people who checked into Argyle House in Newcastle for the world’s worst superspreader event, around 200 have come out testing positive for COVID, after a huge disco dancing night out on December 10.

Apart from having to isolate after catching the virus, these individuals have another thing in common: their sense of humour that they’re putting on full display on TikTok.

It’s speculated that the Newcastle case cluster came from someone who attended an infected Boat Party earlier in December, and ignored health advice to stay inside, instead heading over to Argyle House for a boogie.

Now, those who caught COVID-19 thanks to this individual are putting them on blast online, using this opportunity to create some glorious memes.


how am i supposed to live laugh love in these conditions #fyp #finnegans #newcastle #fuckcovid #argyle

♬ Day n Nite Crookers Remix – 777


PSA: our Newy show on the weekend had confirmed case, go get tested pls #newcastlensw #covid

♬ original sound – RAAVE TAPES

“We are devastated that just as things were looking to return to a ‘new normal’, we have unknowingly been one of the transmission sites for this current wave of Covid infections,” said Argyle House in a statement online.

“We’re heartbroken to see the effect this has had on so many individuals and businesses in Newcastle.”

Argyle House has officially closed its doors until next year after this recent case surge.

Just today, New South Wales recorded 2,213 cases, which is the highest number yet for Australia’s most populous state. NSW also sadly recorded one death and is currently caring for 24 people in the intensive care unit.

Just a couple of weeks ago the outbreak was relatively under control with daily cases numbers remaining around the 200-300 mark. Remember that? 300 cases sounds like peaceful tranquillity compared to this current shit show.

Epidemiologists are now warning that the case number count could be rigged to blow even higher. University of New South Wales modelling has suggested that at the current reproduction rate of 1.5, the state will experience 25,000 cases per day by January.



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Waiting for my test results like half of Newcastle 😮‍💨 #fu #covid #fyp

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COVIDS BACK BABY #foryoupage #covidtesting #covid19 #newcastle

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If you happened to be at Argyle House on December 8 or know someone who was, haul ass to the nearest testing centre immediately. COVID is totally NOT groovy.