NSW Covid Cases Have Just Jumped To Over 2000 So I Think I’ll Stay Inside ‘Til April, Thanks


 New South Wales has just recorded 2213 cases which is the highest number yet for Australia’s most populous state. NSW also sadly recorded one death and is currently caring for 24 people in the intensive care unit.

Just a couple of weeks ago the outbreak was relatively under control with daily cases numbers remaining around the 200-300 mark. Remember that? 300 cases sounds like peaceful tranquility compared to this current shit show.

Epidemiologists are now warning that the case number count could be rigged to blow even higher. University of New South Wales modelling has suggested that at the current reproduction rate of 1.5, the state will experience 25,000 cases per day by January.

This comes just days after the state’s mask mandate was scrapped except in select settings like airports, hospitals, and public transport, with Premier Dominic Perrottet making the decision against the advice of his Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant.

As per the ABC, Dr Chant has since said while it is technically a matter for the politicians to decide, she doesn’t believe the extra freedom is worth the risk:

“That’s a matter for government in setting those mandates and all I’m saying is from a public health position, I am strongly recommending we keep masks and I’m asking the community to do so,” Dr Chant said.

“It’s a very tiny act and you’re actually protecting yourself but more importantly you’re protecting others.”

NSW Health have put out a number of alerts in the past week, with an unfortunate theme popping up – nightclubs.

Earlier this month, PEDESTRIAN.TV reported on the 70s-themed prom outbreak at the Argyle House nightclub in Newcastle which has since become a totally not funky, not radical, not slammin’ (ok, I’m out of 70s lingo) superspreader event.

Most recently, attendees to a ‘Taylor Swift Red Party’ at the Metro Theatre in Sydney have been asked to isolate for seven days and urgently get tested. If they don’t, the NSW will commission Taylor Swift to write a brutal breakup song about each and every one of the club goers who didn’t do the right thing – and then they’ll be sorry.

The current outbreak has also forced Newcastle’s Lunar Electric Festival to cancel on Thursday, just two days before the event was set to go ahead.

NSW residents are encouraged to suss out a test if they have any symptoms or have been to an exposure event – we all know the drill by now. Stay safe and let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed this doesn’t spoil everyone’s hot girl summer.