This Mum And Her Gay Son On TikTok Are Now The Only Two People I Trust For Dating Advice

A mum and gay son on TikTok are providing the absolute goods when it comes to dating advice and I now follow it like the bible.

Kenneth Pabon and his mum’s ‘How To Be Iconic’ series is exactly what it says it is, ICONIC. Advice ranges from getting a mans attention, ghosting and knowing your worth, sweetie.

Like most people, you’ve probably fallen into the trap of dating trash when you deserve treasure. But if you find it hard to back yourself and DUMP HIM then this mother-son duo will literally whip your ass into gear.

Some of these have really hit home for me and I wish I had seen these a year ago TBH. But I have them now and that’s all that really matters.


Low standards are so last year. @pattyheg

♬ original sound – Саша Попов



Leave him now don’t waste your energy @pattyheg

♬ Bound 2 Slowed n Reverb by Kanye – Jxy.Creations

The pair also solved the biggest modern-day dating problem of ghosting in one minute!!

How? The iconic duo label ghosting a good thing rather than a negative, stating that it lets “the trash take itself out.” It’s ICONIC because if you change your perspective, it completely removes the sting that comes from being ghosted. I love it.


Ghosting is so 2020 @pattyheg

♬ Pop Smoke candy shop – EZD


Promise that line will get the conversation started💅🏼 @pattyheg

♬ watch the oa joeybouzek – joey


Louder for the people in the back.


Be your own idol. @pattyheg

♬ The Big Bang – Rock Mafia

Kenneth has also done other similar videos with his cool as fuck family, like: ‘How To Be Successful’ and ‘How To Be Toxic’.


Good vibes and energy EVERYDAY!

♬ Pussy Poppin (I Don’t Really Talk Like This) – Rico Nasty

Ok, please DO NOT do any of the toxic ones, because it’s just plain rude. But I love the energy between this gay and straight brother.

Anyway, go give @kennethpabon a follow ASAP. Trust me, you won’t regret it.