The Tiktok Muso Who Turns Internet Drama Into Bangers Just Made A New One About Butter


Before sea shanties consumed my body and soul, there was Canadian musician Lubalin. You’ve probably seen his videos by now, he’s the one who turns random internet drama into addictive tunes, re: Caroline. The Caroline song will always be my favourite. Anyway, Lubalin has released a third banger and this time it’s about butter.

For his third title, Lubalin based it on a little yarn (about butter) from @bestofnextdoor on Twitter. As its bio says, @bestofnextdoor is where you go for some quality neighbourhood drama and odd screenshots. More on that later.

A screenshot of this butter yarn read: “I’m out of butter. Please drop a stick at the corner of [redacted] and [redacted] between 2 and 4am today (Sunday).

“I don’t want to meet people, I don’t want new friends, I just need butter. Butter is important to me.”

A fair request, if you ask me.

Enter Lubalin.

Not only is the song a work of art, but the music video is too. Stunning hair.

On TikTok, where Lubalin has a cool 2.1 million followers, the same video has already racked up over five million views. You can find all of Lubalin’s works on the platform, including his two other hits: No More Contacting Please, Thanks and She Stole My Broccoli (the Caroline song).

The former is a song inspired by some classic online marketplace drama that escalated a little too quickly.

In the conversation, one person asks a seller if their house is still available. The seller responds that it is, only for the interested buyer to say: “Please leave me alone – we are sleeping.”

It only gets worse from there.


that escalated quickly… #sodramatic #humor #oldpeoplefacebook #boomer #musician #producer

♬ original sound – Lubalin

I would try and explain the story behind She Stole My Broccoli, but let’s just listen to Lubalin’s song, shall we?


wake up, doris 🥦 #sodramatic #humor #oldpeoplefacebook #boomer #musician #producer

♬ original sound – Lubalin

Incredible stuff.

Unsurprisingly, both of these extremely addictive tunes have over 30 million views on TikTok. The demand is there, so here’s hoping part four of Internet Drama is just around the corner, hey?

To conclude: here is a very good screenshot of some neighbourhood drama from @bestofnextdoor.

…and Rob them when they get home.”