The TikToker Who Turns Online Gags Into Bops Made One W/ All The Ways People Misspell Pregnant

lubalin yahoo answers prengnant song

Lubalin, the TikToker who turns random internet drama into slapstastic tunes, has hit us with another one, this time parodying Yahoo Answers posts about being pregnant. And, guys, it’s so fucking good and begs the question: Lubalin internet drama EP when?

In case you were living under a rock for the last year, Lubalin (@lubalin) is a Canadian musician with over 3.2 million TikTok followers who turns random internet drama (tweets, Facebook messages, etc) into certified bangers. And when I say bangers, I mean it.

In a new video that he says took nine months to make, Lubalin and TikTok singer and his regular collaborator Charlotte Cardin take every chaotic Yahoo Answers post that misspells the word pregnancy and turn it into a soul-pop track.

Seeing them act out a series of chaotic questions from the late and great Yahoo Answers pregnancy section is exactly the kinda content my worm-infested brain needs right now. Truly, I love the internet.

And, not only is it chaotically laugh-out-loud funny, but the song actually slaps. From the heavy autotune, grand piano melody, and angelic vocals, it’s really giving me strong John Legend vibes. Somebody @ Triple J ASAP.

“Am I pregant? Am I gregnant? Is there a possibility that I’m pegrent,” Lubalin sings.

Cardin then sings in perfect call and response: “Could I be pregnante? Am I pegnate?? 38+2 weeks… preganananant?”

It’s Lubalin rubbing his tummy in a gross purple shirt to “Dangerops prangent sex? Will it hurt baby top of his head?” for me.

lubalin yahoo answers pregnant song

You can listen to the quintessential bop and struggle to get it out of your head, below:


this one took 9 months to make (ft. @charlottecardin_) 🚼 #sodramatic #humor #musician #pregnanttiktok #gregnant

♬ original sound – Lubalin

This is Lubalin’s sixth track made out of an internet drama, and hopefully, will lead to an actual album (no, I’m not joking). His previous bangers include No More Contacting Please, Thanks, a song about a classic Facebook Marketplace drama, and I just need butter, a song about a simple man with simple needs: a stick of butter delivered to his home ASAP.

Anyway, if you need me, I’ll be thinking about the various ways people have mispelled the word pregnant and humming this tune.