Kid Cudi’s Butthurt That Lyrics From His Song Day N Nite Were Removed For A Viral TikTok Trend

Kid Cudi is “not flattered” that people have removed lyrics from his song Day N Nite for a viral TikTok trend, and it’s low-key hilarious.

ICYMI: There’s a TikTok trend going around which uses the part of Day N Nite that says: “Now, look at this” followed by a long pause and a clip of a funny viral video.

The original lyrics are:

Now look at this (what,what)

Madness to magnet keeps attracting me, me (what, what)

I try to run but see I’m not that fast (what, what)

I think I’m first buy surely finish last, last

But those lyrics are removed and it’s just the backing track that lies underneath, for the purpose of the trend.

It’s really funny, but obviously Kid Cudi doesn’t appreciate people removing lyrics from his hit track for the sake of a laugh, and took to Twitter to air his frustrations.

“I dont fuck w what they did to my song on tik tok takin out the lyrics. We live in a strange time. Im not flattered,” the 37 year old rapper wrote.

It’s the space between Tik and Tok for me…

Cudi, who is clearly perturbed by the whole situation, posted another two tweets about it.

But in true Gen Z style, people have blamed the rapper’s outburst on him being an Aquarius. And god, I love my generation.

To be fair, I can understand why Kid Cudi might be annoyed his music has been altered if his lyrics mean a lot to him. But on the other hand, I’m sure a lot of people have gone back and listened to Day N Nite because of this trend. And I’m sure they have listened to his lyrics and appreciated them.

Now, look at favourite videos from this trend.


#greenscreenvideo I love this kid 🧑🏻‍🦰🥺 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #funny

♬ Day ‘N’ Nite (nightmare) – Kid Cudi


this is one of the most random vids I have saved and it’s one of my faves #greenscreenvideo #fyp #xyzbca

♬ Day ‘N’ Nite (nightmare) – Kid Cudi

Personally, if my song got turned into a meme I would count that as a win. You don’t see Denzel Curry complaining that his song Ultimate was turned into a massive meme.