Ari Gold Is Getting A New Assistant And It’s Kid Cudi

The Entourage movie is finally happening and fans everywhere now have another reason to go bonkers for the Bromedy, with Scott Mescudi (AKA Kid Cudi) being cast as Ari Gold’s new assistant.

Cudi will have big, fabulous shoes to fill. Shoes that were worn for several seasons by possibly the greatest assistant in the universe, Lloyd. Or, as Ari liked to refer to him, “the gay son I never wanted.”

Alas, as with all good employees, it is only inevitable that they rise up the corporate ladder, and in Lloyd’s case become a free agent themselves. Thus ending a beautiful relationship, albeit one peppered with racist dialogue.

Now we get to enjoy Jeremy Piven hurling all sorts of abuse at Kid Cudi instead. Sounds like a riot.

Via Deadline