‘Karma’ Singer JoJo Siwa Has Gone Viral Over A Drunk AF TikTok & I Guess She Is A Bad Girl

Dance Moms alum JoJo Siwa has seemingly broken the internet again, this time over her chaotic antics at her 21st birthday which was heavily documented on TikTok. Guess she’s a bad girl after all.

I hate to be brutal, but let’s face the facts: JoJo Siwa is a walking meme. She’s gone viral multiple times on the internet for various reasons such as her terrible cover of Olivia Rodrigo‘s “Traitor”, her song “Karma”, and that dance move where she looks like one of those cheap Halloween props Americans buy for the spooky festivities.

And honestly, I think it’s safe to say that JoJo Siwa is the kind of celeb who follows the golden rule that any publicity is good publicity.

Most recently, JoJo (formerly with the bow bow) has turned 21, which is a ‘yuge milestone for our friends in the US, as they now can now legally drink, gamble and do other adult stuff. Woooo.

To celebrate this milestone birthday, the reality TV star decided to get completely smashed at Disney World and hopped on TikTok to make a chaotic AF video about her festivities.

“It’s my 21st Birthday and I’m drunk as fuck right now,” JoJo says in that iconic raspy voice.

The “Boomerang” singer went on to claim that she was punched in the eye and showed off her bday spread of drinks before closing off the video by saying: “Happy birthday to me.”

Pure anarchy.

The chaotic video has exploded on social media, receiving a shit tonne of cooked comments and clocking more than 10.1 million views.

TikTokers have flocked to the comments, some with good wishes, others actually enjoying JoJo’s drunk persona and a portion of users criticising the singer for her cooked behaviour.

“I cannot do this today JoJo,” one person wrote.

“I remember my first drink,” a second person commented.

“JoJo it’s 8 am…I’ve not had coffee..ima need you to settle for a minute,” pleaded a third.

What makes things even more cringeworthy is that JoJo was reportedly going around Disney, slinging out impromptu sing-a-longs of “Karma” with fellow parkgoers.

JoJo Siwa, you will always be famous.