JoJo Siwa, Growing Stronger Every Day, Is Now Sporting A Delightfully Filthy Mullet

jojo siwa unveils mullet

JoJo Siwa has unveiled a glorious mullet on her TikTok and I have to say I am fkn here for this.

JoJo was, up until recently, sporting a pixie cut — which was already a big deal because of the backlash she got from chopping off her iconic ponytail. That snatched look was a reminder of the trauma and stress she endured during her time on Dance Moms. She literally gave herself a stress rash which resulted in a patch of her scalp that still struggles to grow hair. So for her, cutting the ponytail off was transformative.

Since then, she’s come a long way. For one, she now has a fkn mullet.

JoJo Siwa posted a video showing off her new hair on TikTok, where she shook her short hair only for long tresses to then fall onto her shoulders from behind. Honestly, it’s giving filthy larrikin in the best way possible. Is this the girl version of one of those yucky ‘staches I am weirdly into right now?

See(wa) her latest lewk below:



♬ sonido original – .

Now while some fans are obsessed with the mullet and have been calling JoJo “daddy” due to its raw, domineering energy, others aren’t so impressed with it.

Billy Ray Cyrus called, he wants his mullet back,” one TikToker wrote.

“It’s giving Tiger King,” said another. A third called her “JoJo Exotic”.

“I’m seriously lost here,” commented yet another hater.

Who on earth has the time to comment on young girls’ videos and make them feel bad for their looks? It is wild to me.

Anyway, all of these people can, in fact, fight me because I think JoJo looks sick tyvm.