Wild Report Spotlights The Fraudulent Tricks Pulled By Aussie Influencers To Gain Sponcon Deals

Hype Auditor, the AI analytics platform for influencer marketing, has released its third annual State of Influencer Marketing report, revealing the main social media trends from the past year.

The report showed a bunch of interesting findings, including which brands and influencers are popping off on social media and how users are engaging with the content.

TikTok went absolutely gangbusters in 2021, taking out the top spot for highest growth in a social media platform.

The video sharing app reached 1 billion active users last year, an 18.3 per cent increase.

Peep the list of TikTok stars who had the biggest audience growth in 2021:

Credit: Hype Auditor.

Taking out the top spot was Shortest Blockbuster, an account of tine little freaky films that people are obsessed with.

Aaaaand here’s the IG list:

Interesting to see two athletes with the biggest growth rather than your classic influencer types.

One little nugget that I found fascinating was the finding that 49 per cent of Aussie influencers on Insta have been impacted by fraud in 2021.

According to the report, fake influencers and fudged engagement can cost advertisers millions of bucks each year and Instagram is rife with fraudsters.

The report even listed some of the tricks that influencers pull to trick their audience, including buying followers, buying likes and comments, buying story views and using comment pods.

Sneaky sneaky!

In terms of the type of content folks are engaging with, the report found that finance was the top trending topic on Instagram in 2021, which is noice to see. Gorgeous gorgeous girls read up on their finances!

Also, ever wondered how much influencers pocket for a sponsored ad campaign and how much of it goes to the brand?

The report found that brands cop $4.98 for each $1 paid for the promotion.

And when it comes to the most popular brands, it turns out the most talked-about one on Insta is Kmart with 5.4k mentions, followed by Woolies with 4.6k mentions and Coles with 3.5k mentions.

As for TikTok, the most-discussed brand was Fashion Nova with 10,960 mentions, then Netflix with 7,280 mentions and McDonalds with 4,940 mentions.

Head here to suss more deets from the report.

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