Someone At Hillsong Church Is Copping A Smiting For Calling Trump A Bully On The Work Twitter

hillsong church trump bully tweet

In one of the all-time great whoopsie daisies of 2020, someone deep in the belly of the Hillsong Church is probably getting a big talking to today after accidentally tweeting their personal thoughts on Donald Trump from the official work account. You do hate (love, deeply truly love) to see it.

During the US Presidential Debate today – which was a whole clusterfuck of an event in and of itself – the official Hillsong Church twitter blasted out a post calling Trump a bully.

Look, we’re all human, we’ve all done it. We’ve all posted something on the work account accidentally. Who among us has not fired off a tweet or Instagram post from the wrong account and then swiftly wished for the world to swallow us whole?

The tweet was very swiftly yeeted off the account faster than Ned Flanders speed-dialling Reverend Lovejoy in a faith-based crisis, but because the Internet is like one big all-seeing and all-knowing presence, the receipts were screengrabbed and shared for everyone to see.

hillsong trump bully tweet

The Baulkham Hills-based megachurch quickly backed it up with an apology tweet, noting that a staff member had posted their personal comments on the official account by mistake. The apology tweet also said that the church “does not comment on partisan politics” and that the comments posted “do not represent the views of Hillsong Church”.

But once again, because the Internet simply does not forget anything ever, people were swift in reminding the church that its beloved leader Pastor Brian Houston visited the White House in late 2019.

I mean, it wasn’t even like a little photo op in front of the big house in Washington, either. The Hillsong leader was on the White House’s own Twitter account, gloating about how he’d “just had the chance to pray for President Trump”.

I mean come on.

No word has been shared on what’s happened to the Hillsong staff member who accidentally blasted their own thoughts on the Trump and Presidental debate out to the church’s 880k-odd followers (and everyone else who has now seen the screenshots) but I can only assume they’re absolutely burning up from sheer embarrassment.