The Duolingo Owl Just Got A BBL For The Super Bowl And I’m Obsessed With This Yassification

The Duolingo owl has decided to get a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) to prepare for the Super Bowl. I am not making this up!!!

If you’re chronically online, like I am, you would know that Duo (the name of Duolingo’s mascot) has done some pretty unhinged shit on social media.

Most of the time, the mischievous bird partakes in cheeky TikTok trends or leaves some cooked comments under viral videos. From a marketing standpoint, it makes the language learning app seem cool but at the same time, it’s kind of cursed.

However, it seems that Duo has reached a new level of, well, I don’t know how to describe it. Maybe, a new level of yassification?

You see, over the weekend, the green bird revealed on TikTok (@duolingo) that he was getting a BBL in collaboration with fellow TikTok celebrity and reality TV star, Michael Salzhauer, famously known as Dr Miami.

The reason? To prepare for the Super Bowl.

“Come with me to get a BBL with Dr Miami,” a narrator’s voice is heard over the viral video, alongside an “inspo pic”, which depicted Duo with a large derrière.

The TikTok, which now has more than 798K views, went on to follow the WHOLE PROCEDURE of Duo getting a large booty. The video ends with a reveal of Duo’s new bum.

Okay, Duo!! I see you!

In the comment section, Duo hinted at creating an OnlyFans account, writing: “OnlyOwls”.

Since posting, the video has garnered a shit tonne of reactions both on and off TikTok. Some folks have praised the owl’s new look while others expressed their confusion.

(Image source: TikTok / @duolingo)

Look, I knew that this little birdy was capable of doing some pretty wild things, but a BBL was not on my list.

Also, how does this relate to the Super Bowl? I guess we’ll never know.

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