Shut The Fuck Up And Look At Daniel Ricciardo’s New IG Devoted To His Deeply Iconic Photography

F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo taking mirror selfie using camera in elevator and close up photo of New York Subway sign

Everyone’s boyfriend Daniel Ricciardo has launched a new photography Instagram and it’s everything you’d expect from an F1 daddy who seems to have just picked up a DSLR for the first time. By that, I mean it’s exceedingly iconic and mildly rogue.

The handle is @daniel3.jpg and has already attracted a ‘yuge 316k followers at the time of writing. I just know Ricciardo is spewing at Daniels one and two for stopping him from copping the neat @daniel.jpg handle.

Always the court jester, the bio reads: “Thank lando.jpg for this one he’s such a trendsetter”.

For the unfamiliar (aka me until five minutes ago), this is a wee tee-hee at Ricciardo’s McLaren teammate Lando Norris, who also has a photography Insta. I just know these men would’ve cleaned house on Tumblr back in the day.

At the moment, Ricciardo has only posted two photo dumps. However, it’s all about quality not quantity, baby! And believe me when I say these dumps are of the highest bloody calibre.

Let’s take a squiz at the first one, shall we?

Ricciardo truly wasn’t lying when he wrote the caption: “I just started pressing the button.” You most absolutely did, doll. And we love you for it.

A lot of things have sent me. For example, the deeply artistic snap of the New York Subway sign. The fact Ricciardo took a photo of his phone screen while he was on FaceTime with Aussie snowboarder Scotty James. The out of focus shot of James mid-karate move. Tagging a mate as George Clooney.

It’s all very chef’s kiss. Obsessed.

Photo dump two is also gorgeous. As Olivia Cooke would say, it’s “stoonin’”.

We’ve got some big ol’ buildings in New York. There are a few more shots of mates tagged as Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper, and at this point I just know Ricciardo would’ve been snorting to himself thinking of hot male celebrities to tag.

There’s a truly dogshit photo of a plaque outside a Creative Artists Agency office, plus a superbly chaotic shot of two mates doing shoeys because, well, obviously.

However, the pièce de résistance was an adorable, smiley pic of Ricciardo’s girlfriend Heidi Berger. Me and who, am I right?

Folks agreed the photo was bloody cute.

“We the people want more Heidi,” one person commented.

“Heidi’s picture 🥹🥹🥹,” said another.

“The scream I let out when I saw Heidi!!!!!,” wrote a third.

“The pic of Heidi >>> 🥺🥺😭,” commented another stan.

The reviews are in: Heidi is a star! As she should be, I say.

I, for one, absolutely cannot wait to see more of Ricciardo’s divine photography skills. Given he won’t be racing on the F1 grid next year (RIP) I’m glad to see he has a new lil’ passion project.

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