A Gal Has Documented Her Wild Journey Of Falling In Love W/ A Prison Inmate In A Series Of TikToks

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Just when ya thought you’d seen everything on TikTok, a UK woman has documented falling in love with a prison inmate in a series of wild videos.

Breah Sutton, who boasts over 44,000 followers on TikTok, has dedicated her page to telling her love story, even including the hashtag #PrisonWife in her bio.

Breah has posted a bunch of vids in which she documents her journey of falling in love with a convicted serial burglar named Harley Webb online and meeting him in person.

In the videos, we see her preparing for her prison dates, opening gifts from her prison bae, and discussing what it’s like to date someone who’s ~inside~.


Speaking to Kennedy News, Breah revealed how the heck she fell in love with a convicted serial burglar in the first place.

“My friend was talking to someone in prison and she asked if I wanted to talk to someone in there as well because his friend had asked,” she said.

Sutton agreed to reach out to him as she felt that she “had nothing to lose.” She said she wasn’t initially looking for a boyfriend and was “just talking to him as a friend.”

“I was shocked at the way he spoke to me because it was so nice and different to how I’d been spoken to before,” she said.


A month later, she said she had fallen madly in love with him.

“We both felt the same but we were too scared to say anything and then one day my friend said to him you need to tell her, I know you love her,” she said.

Breah added that she was well aware of his criminal background when they first met and the fact that he had been “in and out of prison” for the past 10 years, according to Kennedy News.

Most of his prison sentences were reportedly for burglary, including his most recent theft in 2017 which landed him 48 months behind bars.

“I was so scared but it was nice, and at the end of the visit he reached out and touched my hand, and that’s the first bit of contact we had,” said Sutton. She even got his initials tattooed on her chest.

“He loved it; he had tears in his eyes,” she said of her “prison tattoo.”

Have a peek here:


Every week, she travels seven hours round trip to visit her boyfriend in jail. They also talk on the phone 15 times a day and send each other letters and cards, as documented on TikTok.

To follow this wild-ass story, go suss out the New York Post as well as, of course, Breah’s TikTok.