Aussies Have Spilled The Deets On Their Workplace Pet Peeves & Some Of Them Are 100% Valid

Aussies have shared their workplace woes on an unexpected online post — trust me, it’s literally the last place I’d think people would vent about work — and to be quite frank, I kinda agree with 95 per cent of these people’s pet peeves.

Hard-working Australians recently have shared their biggest workplace pet peeves on a Boost Juice — yes, Boost as in Watermelon Crush & Mango Tango Boost — Facebook post.

Although I find it quite random that a juice shop is talking about workplace pet peeves, it’s garnered more than 561 comments, all with Aussies with a bone to pick with their place of employment.

The purveyor of delish juices admitted that their pet peeve is “when they set up a meeting after 4pm on a Friday”.

Some of the pet peeves that are listed in the FB post include the usual “meetings that could’ve been an email” and “when customers get angry at me”. However, some people came through SWINGING with their workplace don’ts.

One Facebook user brought a whole list of their pet peeves to the Boost Juice page.

They wrote: “Clear and direct favouritism from management – where rules apply to everyone but them. People who don’t own up to their mistakes. Pen [thieves] not putting things back where they belong! Working in retail.”

A ‘yuge pet peeve that I agree with was “[When] no one replaces the toilet paper”. Ugh, it’s soo annoying. It’s even worse when people can’t even put toilet paper on the holder properly. They just plop it on top.

Another person added a second toilet-related pet peeve, and it truly had me gagging.

“When unknown people pee on the floor and there’s a perfectly nice working toilet available,” one person wrote.

BRB, just going to throw up.

Some Aussies took aim at lunchtime behaviours.

“When people eat with their mouths open on lunch break,” one person wrote.

“When it’s lunchtime and you just want to sit in the lunch room in silence and eat but someone comes in and just wants to talk or makes personal phone calls and puts it on speaker,” a second person added.

“When you hear them chew…. when they’re eating sardines/tuna in the office… they’re easily the worst ones,” wrote a third.

Look, in regards to “sardines and tuna”, I am not fussed at all! Sure, my nose is hella sensitive — I really dislike the smell of boiled eggs — but I try my best not to see it as a pet peeve ‘cos what if that’s someone’s fave food.

And OFC being a South-Asian girlie, every time someone complains about the smell or look of food, I get flashbacks to primary school, where I would be asked about my unique lunches. Not a good memory.

Australia’s fave budget airline Jetstar also joined in the fun, with their social media manager shading their own boss.

“When you can never tell if your boss is being sarcastic or not ‘tell them about this sale’ ‘post this’ ‘are you working’ blah blah blah,” the airline wrote.

Boost Juice replied: “‘Post something funny’ obviously, I will. Also, hi bestie, ill trade a free boost for a flight x”.

I definitely agree with most of these things on people’s workplace pet peeve list, minus the sardines and tuna hate.

But the toot-paper pet peeve is the main one I 100 per cent agree with.

I would gladly shout this from the rooftops if it means that the toilet paper would be put on the correct way.