Flight Attendant Reveals The Gross Revenge Tactic They Use On Shitty Customers & It’s Truly Evil

A Redditor who claimed to be a flight attendant has shared a gross revenge tactic they implement on shitty customers, and I lowkey love how evil it is.

I am a lover of all things revenge, especially when it comes to terrible customers. Back when I used to wait tables at [REDACTED] or handle the fitting rooms at [REDACTED], I was always too scared to implement my own sneaky revenge tactics. So it’s through subreddits like r/pettyrevenge and r/instantkarma that I gain a sense of justice.

However, a flight attendant’s tactic for getting back at fucked passengers was posted in r/flightattendants when someone asked about “crop dusting”. I think you can picture where this is going.

A Redditor who goes by u/JustinBiebrsJockStrap (WHAT EVEN IS THAT USERNAME) asked the subreddit about the “crop dusting” technique. In the same post, the user asked how do people pass gas in airplanes.

“I usually went in the [lavatory] and then let the toilet suction refresh the air,” the user said as they revealed their in-flight farting habits.

In case you’re not familiar with the term “crop dusting”, Urban Dictionary defines it as “passing gas in a stealth [manner], usually while walking through a crowd or a group so that someone else gets blamed for the stench.”

In the thread, a Redditor who claimed to be a flight attendant revealed that they crop-dusted on shitty customers.

“It’s either fart near passengers or fart near crew. If I can, I let it rip in the flight deck. Otherwise, I find the passengers who inconvenienced me. Can’t hold it in,” they wrote.

A second person wrote: “Crop dusting belongs in the cabin, next to the most vile of all [passengers].”

Lori Loo (@Loriloo007) revealed that a friend of hers would have a “crop dusting” competition with the other flight attendants.

Basically, whoever made the most passengers turn their heads with the stench of their farts would win. BRB, just gonna hurl for one sec.

Although I’m super grossed out at the idea of staying in a nuclear fart cloud, I find it hilarious. There’s literally no escape in an aircraft.

And with Lori’s information, you could also be a nice customer and still be hit with a FAT crop dust. No hope. No escape.

With this newfound knowledge, I’m just gonna bring extra face masks with perfume in case I become a victim of a drive-by fart that was intended for another passenger.