Aldi’s Middle Aisle Remains An Enigma As Redditor Finds Foldable Wheelchair For Sale

How on earth does Aldi decide what gets put in its middle section of products? It’s one of those true mysteries of life that nobody has ever been able to crack, and as one Redditor showcased, only gets more confusing with every week a new range of items is placed there.

Aldi doesn’t play by the same rules as other supermarkets. Known for its quirks such as making the customer bag their groceries themselves, and stocking the most uncanny-valley alternative universe versions of name-brand products, Aldi is clearly just built different.

But no eccentricity is more iconic than the absolutely bonkers range of products Aldi stocks in its so-called “middle aisle”.

Ya know, the one that’s not partitioned with shelves, but with all the open crates you can look through?

Every Aldi has one, and it is always stocked with the most unexpected items you can imagine. I shit you not, last week I saw discount violins next to extendable hoses. Who is buying violins on their grocery shop???

And as Reddit user u/Gal_gadonutt pointed out in a series of photographs, there is no rhyme or reason to the madness. The Aussie Redditor showcased a variety of wild items that the discount supermarket has legitimately sold recently.

“Aldi middle aisle is always a wild ride,” they wrote.

Aldi middle aisle is always a wild ride
byu/Gal_gadonutt inaustralia

In the four photographs that were upvoted to the top of the r/Australia page, the user documented that they had seen Aldi sell the following:

  • A foldable wheelchair.
  • A bird-scaring owl statue.
  • A 75″ 4K ultra HD smart TV.
  • And a recliner armchair.

Truly the supermarket equivalent of Meryl Streep, because damn it really has the range to do anything. Coles and Woolworths, pick up your game guys.

Other Redditors commented on the bewildering range of products, and how the discounted items seem to make you want things you didn’t know you needed.

“The only store you go to for milk and bread and instead come out with a two-man tent,” one person wrote.

Others also highlighted that the foldable wheelchair itself was quite a steal.

“That’s a bargain for a wheelchair with quick-release wheels,” someone commented.

“Those things are bloody expensive. If more people that need them, get them, all the better,” said another.

Aldi, I will never pretend to understand you. But as long as you keep selling me slightly altered versions of name-brand products that taste the same — if not better — then I’ll never question the method to your madness.

Stock that middle aisle with whatever you want. Just don’t price gouge and all of Australia will thank you.