This Genius Just Solved The Age-Old Problem Of Your Air Conditioner Not Reaching Your Bedroom

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I’m just going to come right out and say it: it’s bloody hot.

But the great thing about summer, other than beers and beaches, is the sheer genius that comes out of it. When the going gets tough, Australians get innovative, and dealing with the fuck off hot weather is no exception.

During my usual morning scroll of the r/Australia subreddit, I came across a stroke of genius that is so life-changing that I felt it was my civic duty to share it with you all.

It’s a problem we’ve all struggled with (unless you’re rich enough to afford ducted air conditioning). You’ve got the AC cranking, but it doesn’t quite reach your bedroom.

This gives you two options: sleep on the couch like a chilly peasant, or sleep in your bed and sweat your butt off.

But thankfully, an Aussie genius has solved the problem, and all you need is a shit-tonne of pedestal fans.

Take a look:

Australian heatwave ingenuity from r/australia

When asked if it actually works, the original poster said “kind of,” clarifying that it “brings the temp down by a least a couple of degrees in the bedroom.”

But in their defence, this is a pretty far distance to travel. I imagine if you only had to get the heat around one corner, it would probably work significantly better.

While many people (myself included) reckon it’s a stroke of pure genius, others pointed out that Australians should probably just invest in ducted air conditioning rather than setting up these wild contraptions.

“In Asia there are separate wall-mounted aircon units in every room. In the US all the houses have central air. How has Australia, the hottest continent on the planet, managed to come up with a solution that is both less effective and less energy efficient than both of those? You seriously just install a single wall-mounted unit in the living room and call it a day?” One Reddit user asked.

As somebody whose air-conditioner is *just* slightly out of reach of the bedroom, I’m shocked that I never thought of doing this.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to bulk-buy some pedestal fans.