The AFP Is Now Making Weird Taylor Swift References Which Is Quite Odd Given Their Reputation

taylor swift afp

The Australian Federal Police (AFP), constantly on the search for young blood to join their villainous ranks, will stop at nothing to seduce a superabundance of impressionable minds into its sinister fold. Its latest wicked scheme? Brownie recipes and references to the Taylor Swift album Midnights. Vile.

If you’ve ever glanced at the AFP’s social media presence for even a slither of a second you’d know that the interns over there love taking the piss. Their entire job description is basically to make the police force look hip and cool — slick with the times — slay, as the kids would say.

After all, people love memes but they don’t love the police, so if you turn the police into a meme generator, the people start to warm up to them.

The latest post on the AFP’s Facebook included a “no-nonsense” brownie recipe in which one of the recipes was not like the others.

Last time I checked, you don’t put “update your passwords” in your brownies. Or maybe I’ve been making brownies wrong this whole time.

australian federal police taylor swift
Nice try, piggies.

It goes without saying that the AFP is not suddenly interested in the fine culinary art of structuring the perfect desserts.

The post was made to encourage folks to be extra cyber-safe with super-secure passwords.

One of the passwords it suggested? “Midnight$IsABreak-UpAlbum!”.

This is of course referring to the Swiftie theory that Midnights, which came out before Taylor Swift broke up with Joe Alwyn, is actually an album all about their relationship and its downfall. Now ask yourself how a member of the AFP would be privy to this niche bit of pop culture tea.

australian federal police taylor swift
You can have one tee-hee and one ha-ha from me, but you will not sway me!

As funny as the joke is I must steel myself and remember who the hell it’s coming from. It’s posts like this that are made all the time to get young people interested in a job with the police, be it a social media manager role or otherwise.

But the jokes didn’t stop there.

“We had a pun about brownies but we fudged it,” the AFP wrote in the comments.

“Anyway, comments are closed! Please don’t email us if you made these brownies and they were terrible.”

The only thing the AFP has convinced me to do here is make brownies. But I’ll be going to the patron saint of Aussie cooking RecipeTin Eats for that, thank you very much.