Zoo Magazine Acted As Zoo Magazine Always Does; People On Internet Are Angry

Zoo Magazine have managed to force people older than 15 years of age to remember they exist – by offending them. 

‘Again?!’ you exclaim. ‘How this time?!’
Well, they decided to put a woman in a white ‘kini on the cover. What you’d expect, right? Except this time she’s holding a poppy, because it’s an ‘ANZAC Centenary issue’.
The issue includes a story where diggers are interviewed about their experiences and thoughts about WWI, and it also includes a story about cover girl Erin Pash, titled ‘Lest We Forget’. The cover says it also includes ‘100 Things Every Aussie Should Know About Gallipoli’
The Department of Veteran Affairs have contacted Zoo regarding their usage of the word ‘ANZAC’, according to Crikey. Use of the term has been protected since 1921, and penalties for misusing it include imprisonment and fines up to $51,000 for companies.
Mumbrella also posted a question from the ‘Lest we Forget‘ interview with Erin Pash, and it is exactly what you’d expect:
“Yeah, I do like guys in uniform. They’re bad arses, they have guns and they’re really fit and well built.” Ms Pash said. 
 Q: Plus they know how to follow orders… 
 A: [Laughs] “Yeah, they do what they’re told. Plus they can usually get down and do 100 push ups in a row, which is impressive!”

Internet be mad

Image via Twitter