Zoo Weekly’s Last Breath Is One Big ‘Fuck You’ To The Haters

ICYMI, ZOO Weekly, the bloke’s magazine so low-brow it’s essentially a moustache, is calling it quits after nearly 10 years of gracing shitty showbags, discount supermarket confectionery stands, and the grubby floors of public transport nationwide. 

Now, the final edition is upon us, and the mag’s staff have made sure that everybody cops a serve.

The Editor’s Note reads says the cover – a monolithic middle finger in the direction of the reader – is aimed at for all the shouty killjoys who’ve spent years telling us – and you – that we’re horrible people because we like beautiful women and taking the piss out of just about anything.”

Showing the same respect it infamously showed women, female asylum seekersfemale politicians, and YouTube’s ‘share to Twitter’ function, the lad’s mag turns its gaze inwards, and quietly rues has a go at their own unintended funemployment too. 
The magazine’s last breath of air is a wheezy “fuck you” to critics, as the mag crawls through a list of everyone who ever wronged them: swipes at everyone from Adrien Brody to Xzibit show the weird collection of enemies the magazine supposedly collected over nearly a decade. 
The mag takes one final chance to cause a stir, calling a male model mistaken for a female a “shim”.  Wow. Much insensitive. Very provoke. 
RIP ZOO. Now, get in the bin. 

via mUmbrella.