Your Old iPhone 4 Could Be Getting A New Lease On Life With iOS 9

Owners of older iPhones quickly come to accept the fact that their once-shiny bit of tech keeps looking shitter and shitter next to newer models, and getting slower and slower with each iOS upgrade, assuming you even run those.
In a move that seems highly out of step with Apple’s not-official-but-still-pretty-official policy of planned obsolescence, the company have announced that iOS 9 will actually feature greater compatibility than normal with “legacy hardware.”
(Yes, “legacy hardware” – that very expensive gadget that you paid top dollar for in 2011 is now effectively in the same category as a Playstation 2 … no shade on Playstation 2, which is a fine bit of gear, but you get our meaning).
Per reports in Fairfax, via 9to5Mac, Apple’s plan is actually to build a core version of iOS 9 that works “smoothly” on older phones and tablets, then “layer” more features in for new devices.
That seems very nice of them … a little too nice … but what the hell, perhaps they actually listened to user complaints, and decided to just take one on the chin for the sake of brand loyalty.
The focus with iOS 9 will reportedly be one of “quality over quantity”, and amongst other things, it will feature a new security system, an “improved” Apple Maps app, and “split-screen viewing” for certain apps on iPad.
The new operating system is due to be unveiled in June at a tech conference in San Francisco.

Photo: Spencer Platt via Getty Images