You Can Rent Out Slime Ball Salim Mehajer’s Mansion For A Tidy $3K/Week

Give the finger to the dire Sydney housing market and live out your dream of being the most confronting house on the street by living in disgraced Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer‘s Lidcombe digs.

It’ll only set you back a neat $3K a week.

Christ. (Image:

It’s got all the features that someone who has a lot of money and absolute no shame of flaunting it needs: five bathrooms, a 13-car garage, home theatre with massage chairs, a solarium, and 56 security cameras – you know, the usual.

You know it’s absolutely fit to house some high-profile house parties too. Tell your mates they can bring their favourite helicopters and cavalcades of luxury cars for your Welcome To Summer bash, and bring their togs so you can all bliss out in the multiple pools, or sauna, or whatever the fuck this bathtub is.

Ok yeah I’d have a soak in there. (Image:

But by far the best bit about living in this Western Sydney monstrosity is knowing that a couple of years ago, it was featured in a Bow Wow video clip. I’m not even joking anymore.

Inspections are available by appointment, so even just go and scope it out with zero intention of applying.

Good luck.