WATCH: Salim Mehajer Abandons Reality With Fkn Cooked Motivational Vid

It’s fitting the trailer for Salim Mehajer’s newly-announced motivational video is entitled Dream, because it’s abso-fkn-lutely divorced from reality. The short clip, which was unveiled on the ousted Auburn deputy mayor’s Facebook page last night, is baffling in almost every respect.

Sure, it’s full of the world-class backpatting we’ve come to expect from the bloke – cop that sweet clip of him helping out the hater nanna, what a gem – but those self-aggrandising visuals, combined with a voice-over discussing the virtues of fantasy land, kinda smacks of genuine delusion on Mehajer’s part.
The clip has a hot tip for the ladies, too: don’t even sweat systemic gender inequality, ’cause if you dream hard enough, you too could reach the ultimate life goal of being crowned Miss Lebanon Australia. Inspiring and progressive!
You can expect more of DJ Khaled’s Snapchat without the fun or self-awareness when the “full episode” drops on October 21, but for the moment, enjoy this very minor  below: