You Can Now Anonymously Mail Your Annoying Mate A ‘You Tried’ Trophy

How’s that annoying Facebook friend you have, who manages to make the smallest of achievements seem like they just climbed Mt. Everest?

For example, that time they made spaghetti for dinner, and you were all ‘ooooh, well done you! You managed to pour some boxed wine into mismatched IKEA tumblers while simultaneously mixing stir-through tomato sauce with overcooked pasta. No one wants to “wife you”!’
Thankfully, now you can bring that person down a notch or two, by sending them an anonymous ‘participation award’ in the mail, thanks to Awards Against Humanity.
This is their vibe:
Your mate will receive the ‘you tried’ trophy and the customised certificate in an unmarked box, so they’ll never know it’s you, but you’ll receive status emails so you’ll know when it’s been delivered. 
Amazing. Truly, truly amazing.
If you’d like to revel in the ego-shrinking of your enemies, head to Awards Against Humanity here:
(And if anyone knows Chad Kroeger‘s address, do us a solid and let us know, yeah?)
Images & story via AAH.