YACHT Attempted To Apologise For Their Heinous Fake Sex Tape Leak

Hoooooly dooly. 

After the shitfight that has been ‘YACHT’s 2016 faux sex tape leak’, we’re exhausted. Are you exhausted? We’re exhausted. 
So ICYMI, US dance-pop duo YACHT (Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evanstold all their fans they made a sex tape and it had been leaked, so to take the power back, they we’re charging $5 for fans to watch it. But, when fans did that, it came up as a ‘file error’. Why? Because the whole thing was gross dumb set-up created by their PR, to promo the song ‘I Wanna Fuck You ‘Til We’re Dead‘. Their fans were maaaaaad, and rightly so. 
It’s not complex to realise that this undermines the struggle of people who have been victims of sexual crimes in the digital landscape. It’s often life-ruining, and many victims suffer various kinds of post-traumatic stress. People have termed the theft and release of sexual images as ‘digital rape’, due to the whole issue stemming from lack of consent. 
Bechtolt and Evans tried to apologise for their actions yesterday, but must’ve still been listening to the idiot whose grand idea it was in the first place, because they issued a shitty non-apology. People got even madder. 
Now, they’ve issued a second apology, actually highlighting why they feel bad about what happened and why they won’t do something like it again. It’s not perfect, but it’s sure as hell more genuine that their first attempt:
However, we’d like quietly prod them down from their high horse for a quick moment, to tell them that their apology is basically completely invalid after they’ve PLUGGED THEIR MUSIC VIDEO IN THE APOLOGY POST. 
YACHT, you need to get in the bin. That one good song you did that Classixx remixed ain’t worth this bull-fuckery, for real. 
Source/Photo: Facebook / YACHT.