Sydney’s Iconique World Bar Is Transforming Into A ’Yuge New Rave Cave, Teapots And All

Punters lining up to get into World Bar, Kings Cross

Long ago, the people of Sydney would clamour in droves to one of the hottest joints in town: World Bar. This was a time before lockout laws, a time before hitting up Kings Cross became a thing of legend. Well, my friends, it looks like we may soon be returning to the fabled stomping ground of old.

No, World Bar is NOT returning. Some things that are dead must stay that way. Instead, it is being replaced by a new venue called Kings Cross Pavilion. It’ll also have new owners.

For those of you who don’t remember, World Bar was a fkn hot joint to hit up on a night in Sydney. They specialised in serving cocktails in teapots (which you were banned from sipping out of) and also hosted a couple of dance floors renowned for their house music and pop bangers.

It closed in 2018 after 18 glorious years. Its replacement, however, sounds SEXY.

Kings Cross Pavilion (which officially opens its doors on August 5) will boast five functional bars, multiple levels with dance floors and a 900-patron capacity.

That means you can get your boog on through the night and if the music gets shit, just change floors.

The best part of Kings Cross Pavilion, however, is their promise to return the teapot cocktails as a homage to their predecessor World Bar. That kind of respect will get you FAR.

I for one am just super excited to get my little paws on a teapot cocktail before I go absolutely feral on the dance floor. I may first need a moment to collect myself, however, as the last time I went clubbing in Kings Cross I was but a wee teenager. The memories WILL come flooding back to me.

Well, I guess I’ll see you on the dance floor. Kings Cross Pavilion here we come.