FYI: Woolworths National Ban On Single-Use Plastic Bags Begins From Today

Might be time to start hanging the green bags on yr front door handle, mates. Because the times are a’changin’ as of today.

Woolworths is, from today, implementing their much-vaunted ban on all plastic shopping bags in a move that affects all the chain’s stores across the nation.

That means shoppers at not only Woolies, but BWSMetro, and petrol outlets will need to either bring pre-existing reusable bags to the store, or purchase their own at store locations.

The new policy is the culmination of a joint decision by both Woolies and Coles last year to end the distribution of single-use plastic bags by June 30th this year. Woolies later brought their own personal deadline forward to June 20th, and that day has now arrived. The new policy ends Woolies own personal distribution of some 3.2 billion plastic bags to shoppers annually.

Woolworths chief executive Brad Banducci addressed media in a statement earlier this morning, extolling the virtues of the new policy while acknowledging the fact that some shoppers may find the transition difficult to comprehend.

This is a landmark day for us, not just as a business, but for our customers and communities, to help support a greener future for Australia. We are proud to say that, from now on, single-use plastic bags are gone from our stores, for good.

Putting ‘reusable bags’ at the top of your shopping list, keeping a couple in the car or leaving a Post-it note on the fridge are some simple tricks that could work as a reminder.

Coles has previously committed to removing single-use plastic bags from July 1st onwards.

Both supermarkets have also committed to reducing the amount of cling wrap used on fresh products moving forward, which includes fresh fruit and vegetables.