Jordan Thompson Blasts Australian Open As ‘Wokest Tournament Ever’ Over New Rule & Huh?

Australian tennis player Jordan Thompson has dubbed the Australian Open the “wokest tournament ever” over a new rule allowing crowd members to enter the arena between games, and does he know what ‘woke’ means?

The rule, introduced this year, means tennis fans are given more freedom to enter arenas and take their seats between each game.

It is a change from previous restrictions where fans were only allowed to move from their seats during a change of ends, which occurs every second game.

“You’re kidding me, really? Oh my god,” he said as fans walked into the court on Monday while he was preparing to serve.

“This is the wokest tournament ever.”

After the game, Thompson defended his outburst by saying he had no idea about the rule change.

“How many years which we have been playing tennis, and then all of a sudden they spring on us that they can come in between not even a sit-down. So it just disrupts everyone’s rhythm,” he said.

“I mean, if someone is walking at the back and you are throwing the ball toss up, it’s impossible to see it because you have a person behind it.”

Quick – someone get this man a dictionary.

However, Thompson kept going, and likened the act to someone barging into an office during a meeting.

“Like someone is just barging through the door, making a nuisance. Even though it doesn’t seem that way, but it is. It’s very off-putting,” he said.

To be generous to Thompson, he did admit afterwards he probably chose the wrong word, a fair enough acknowledgement given woke typically describes social justice issues rather than a brief distraction.

“Heat of the battle. Probably shouldn’t have said it,” he admitted when pushed by reporters.

Thompson went on to win over his opponent and fellow Aussie Aleksandar Vukic 3-6, 7-6, 6-2, 3-6, 6-4. He will next play against Stefanos Tsitsipas in the second round.