Police Believe They Have Enough Evidence To Potentially Charge William Tyrrell’s Foster Mother

William Tyrrell wearing red Spiderman costume

NSW Police have recommended public prosecutors charge William Tyrrell‘s foster mother over the toddler’s disappearance almost a decade ago.

Detectives from Strike Force Rosann, established to investigate the boy’s disappearance, gave the Department of Public Prosecutors a brief this month containing evidence against William’s foster mother.

William was just three years old when he went missing from a home in Kendall, NSW in September 2014.

Detectives recommend the 58-year-old woman, who cannot be identified, be charged with perverting the course of justice and interfering with a corpse, Nine News reported on Tuesday.

“The allegation being there was a deadly accident at a home in Kendall before the toddler’s body was removed and disposed of,” Nine News Chief Court Reporter Tiffiny Genders said.

The DPP will now advise whether if there is sufficient evidence to charge William’s foster mother.

PEDESTRIAN.TV does not suggest she is guilty of any crime. Even if charges are laid, a judge or jury would still have to assess the evidence and decide whether it was strong enough to prove the charges. 

The woman has always strongly maintained her innocence in relation to William’s disappearance. Her lawyer, Sharon Ramsden, told the Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday night she was not aware detectives had recommended pressing charges.

NSW Police resumed a search for the missing toddler in 2021. The detectives leading Rosann spent more than a month searching a creek and bushland near the home. They also focused on the garden beneath the balcony, where William was last seen alive.

When the investigation was announced in November 2021, Detective Chief Superintendent Darren Bennett said it was incredibly likely detectives would be searching for “remains”.

“We are hoping to find out throughout this investigation. It’s highly likely that if we found something, it would be a body. We are looking for the remains of William Tyrrell, no doubt about that.”

William Tyrrell would have turned 12 on Monday.