Some Of The Wildest Missions In Far Cry, From Riding Mammoths To Hunting Psychotic Mongooses

My friends, Far Cry 6 has finally arrived. And thank Joseph Seed because I honestly could not wait another day. A lot has changed in the world since the last game in the series — Far Cry: New Dawn — was released in early 2019. Ahh, how innocent we all were back then, blissfully unaware of what the universe had in store for us. Funny that.

Anywho, Given I’m stuck in the plague capital of the world, AKA Melbourne, Far Cry 6 has been a welcome little escape. As I played my way through the first few hours, I was overjoyed to find that the weirdness is very much on show in the latest iteration. My favourite moment so far has been meeting Guapo, a T-shirt wearing crocodile that will attack your enemies on command. Such a good boy!

Juan Cortez is another standout character introduced early on. And of course, having Giancarlo Esposito playing the role of the antagonist Anton ‘El Presidente’ Castillo is a proper treat. While I played those first few hours, I couldn’t help but feel what I can only describe as an intense joy that I haven’t experienced from games I’ve played recently.

I think it comes from the unapologetic weirdness Far Cry never shies away from. This, along with the intense hard-hitting emotional storylines that suck you right in and the insanely fun action-packed gameplay we’ve come to know and love, is what makes Far Cry, Far Cry. To honour the weirdness, We’ve done a little round-up of some of our fave wildest moments from the series.

Warrior Rescue Service, Far Cry 3

This mission starts off with the iconic ‘do you know the definition of insanity’ monologue from Vaas, expertly delivered by actor Michael Mando — a performance that won him a Golden Joystick for Best Gaming Moment. This scene is not just one of the most iconic in Far Cry, but one of the most iconic scenes in video game history full stop.

But where the scene ends, the action is just beginning. Starting off by escaping certain death, you emerge from an underwater tunnel and just Rambo your way through pirates with nothing but revenge and Vaas’ speech on your mind. It’s non-stop action, you become an angel of death, you steal a helicopter, it gets shot down, you survive, only to find Vaas staring down at you. He shoots you in your chest. Fade to black. Surely you’re dead, right?

Of course not you fool, this is Far Cry. The bullet was stopped by your handy zippo lighter. You regain consciousness, crawl your way out of a pile of dead bodies, and continue the carnage.

Kick the Hornet’s Nest, Far Cry 3



Do I need to say more? Running around shooting pirates and torching weed crops to a soundtrack of Reggae dubstep brought to you by Skrillex and Damian Marley‘s ‘Make It Bun Dem’ is just *chef’s kiss* — peak gaming experience.

If Vaas’ monologue is one of the most iconic cutscenes in gaming history, then this is definitely one of the most iconic missions. And the fact that you actually get high if you get too close to the burning weed which makes your screen sway and affects your aim is such a nice touch. Pure art.

Tutorial, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

On April Fool’s Day 2013, a trailer for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was released by Ubisoft. Given the day of its release, and the neon over the top ‘80s inspired cyberpunk look of the game, many thought it was just an April fools prank. They were wrong. The game was very much real, and just as over the top and weird as the trailer suggested it would be.

The entire game is an absolute thrill for the senses, pure joy and carnage complemented by an exhilarating soundtrack by synth-wave duo Power Glove and corny 80’s sci-fi movie aesthetic, it made killing baddies in typical Far Cry style all the more satisfying. Blood Dragon doesn’t take itself seriously, it’s a high-level pisstake really, and this adds to its charm. The opening is truly one to remember.

A remastered version of Blood Dragon is available bundled with Far Cry 6.

Hunting woolly mammoths, Far Cry Primal

Some people like to rip on Far Cry Primal. I would argue that these people have no taste. Far Cry Primal is, in my humble opinion, one of the best Far Cry games ever made. Sure, given the 10,000 BC setting, you don’t have the fun gunplay Far Cry is known for, but in its stead, you get to immerse yourself in the weapons of yonder. I’m talking, bow and arrows, clubs, and spears. It’s a vibe.

Straight from the get-go, you’re thrust into an engrossing intro sequence that sees you playing as Takkar, a member of the Wenja tribe, tracking and hunting a woolly mammoth. It’s an immersive taste of things to come that sucks you right into the action. Throughout the game, you’ll find yourself hunting many mammoths, along with other primal creatures.

But the mammoths are the best time I reckon, mostly ‘cos eventually you unlock the ability to ride around the game in one. There’s also a sick encounter with a huge Bloodtusk Mammoth (think giant mammoth with roid rage) towards the end of the game that’s part of the Beast Master Hunts side missions. Highly recommend.

Prairie Oyster Harvest, Far Cry 5

This is actually a side mission, but it’s so worth going out of your way for. Basically, if you talk to Casey, he’ll tell you that ever since Joseph Seed and his cult Eden’s Gate came to town, morale hasn’t been great, so he’s determined to continue the town’s annual tradition of the Testy Festy — which involves a lovely feast of bull testicles, and he needs you to go out there and get the star ingredients.

What ensues is pure Far Cry weirdness that sees you killing three different bulls in three different ways — with a tractor mulcher, with fire, and killing one while it’s in the act of mating. Classy.  

Paradise Lost, Far Cry 5

It wouldn’t be Far Cry without trippy hallucination missions, and Paradise Lost is at the same time one of the most creepy and one of the most beautiful examples of this. It’s simple, yet eerie, with its dreamlike opening where you quite literally walk through the gates of paradise, and wander around a Montana dreamscape to the sound of Faith Seed singing ‘Amazing Grace’.

Paradise soon turns to hell as Faith turns on you, resulting in a final showdown that is both haunting and hypnotising.

False Prophet, Far Cry 5

Can you really call yourself a cult leader if you haven’t erected a Christ the Redeemer-style giant statue of yourself on a mountain? Joseph Seed knows the answer to this question, and it’s up to you to stop him, but first, you gotta take down the huge ass statue.

It’s the complete opposite of a walk in the park as, lemme tell you one thing about cult members, they don’t take too kindly to outsiders disrespecting their leader. This mission is intense, but it’s so rewarding seeing that giant mass of cursed stone finally crumble.

Warning: mild Far Cry 6 spoilers ahead.

The Mongoose And The Man, Far Cry 6

This is one of the first treasure hunts you encounter in Far Cry 6, and man is it a great one. You encounter an abandoned home that was evacuated due to a terrible case of murderous mongoose infestation (and by infestation I mean one, just one mongoose). Your task is to find the mongoose, and then, well, let’s just say you and the mongoose don’t see eye to eye once you cross paths.

The Chicharron missions, Far Cry 6

One of the best features of Far Cry 6 is the ability to recruit animal amigos to accompany you on your journey to free Yarra. One such amigo is a hot-tempered rooster, named Chicharron. In order to unlock Chicharron as your amigo, you’ll have to first complete the Chicharron side missions — which are absolute vintage Far Cry. Only Far Cry could pull off having a psychotic rooster lead you on a wild goose (rooster?) chase across Yarra, before gaining the ability to have Chicharron waddle fearlessly, beak-first into battle by your side.

Valle Prehistorico, Far Cry 6

This is not so much a mission but an outpost waiting to be seized. But it’s not an ordinary outpost. Castillo’s army have taken control of Valle Prehistorico, a prehistoric themed amusement park absolutely filled to the brim with Far Cry Primal fan service. It’s a rush trawling through the incredible prehistoric exhibits while shooting bad guys, and gives you a cool little taste of what Far Cry Primal might’ve been like with guns. Love that.

Fire and Fury, Far Cry 6

And finally, the pièce de résistance. Fire and Fury is a very cool throwback to the weed crop torching mission in Far Cry 3, only this time it’s tobacco crops. Why? Well, I don’t want to spoil anything. Trust me, check out the game, it’s v worth it.

Keen to get stuck in? You’re in luck, Far Cry 6 is out now on Xbox.