Whoops: MP Leaves Labor Policy Docs Behind After Sky News Shellacking

To put it lightly, this has not been a good time for Labor MP David Feeney. First he was slammed for failing to declare his multimillion dollar home on parliamentary interests registers, and then the tenants of that very home allowed representatives for Feeney’s Greens rival Alex Bhathal to put up a sign on the lawn.
Feeney appeared on Sky News last night with David Speers – a brave move considering the absolute brutality of the roasting that has been levelled against him since the house kerfuffle – and he stuffed that one up too. He basically finds himself totally unable to answer any questions Speers gives him:

Okay. Getting ruined by David Speers is one thing. Most politicians have been through that meat grinder. Surely this is the end of the humiliation. Feeney must be given respite from the owns.
Not so. According to The Daily Telegraph today, he departed the Sky News studio and left behind the very confidential Labor policy brief he had been given to prep himself for the interview. Here’s how they reported it: “In another episode of high farce, the Labor powerbroker left the campaign orders on a desk,” the report reads.

It’s all very ‘The Thick of It’. According to the Tele, the doc lays out responses to a variety of possible questions from Speers – obviously not including the Schoolkids Bonus – including details on asylum seeker policy, negative gearing and the Labor budget.

Look, we’ve all been there. Check your pockets for wallet, phones, keys. Then check your manila folder for confidential policy documents which will shape the future of an election and a nation.
Source: News.com.au.
Photo: Sky News / Twitter.