What Is Scott Morrison Thinking Here?

Michaelia Cash held a press conference yesterday arvo to condemn the Labor Party‘s electric vehicle policy and ramp up the war drums.

She stood in front of Prime Minister Scott Morrison and a crowd of prop tradies to say she was worried that “half of Australia’s apprentices will be driving an electric vehicle under Bill Shorten.”

She was assertive and well versed and hit her talking points. But behind her, Scott Morrison looked faded. He looked tired, and troubled, and desperately like he was trying to hold on. It was all I could look at.

What is Scott Morrison thinking?

While the nation moves closer to a federal election, while his government refuses to put a date in stone, while his cabinet mates announce they’re leaving parliament, or stepping down, or moving into the private sector, what on earth is going through the Prime Minister’s head?

Is he thinking about the polls – telling himself they matter to nobody but the press?

Is he thinking about his government’s current plan of attack aimed squarely at electric cars? A campaign against electric vehicles so poorly thought out, so terribly put together, that even car manufacturers are condemning it?

Is he thinking about how almost everyone, from the opposition to breakfast radio hosts, is pointing out how dumb it is?

Is he thinking about how that campaign has now been shifted to one of “choice” over dictatorship, his government clinging to the idea that a Labor Party Australia won’t give the public anything in the way of heads up or time to prepare for an Electric Car Future.

Is he thinking about the beaches in Cronulla and his beloved Sharks? Is he thinking about how he could have been happier staying there.

Is he thinking about God?

Is he thinking about his friend Malcolm and the time they spent at his harbourside mansion?

Is he thinking about how his friend is now openly ridiculing and undermining the government he now leads?

Is he thinking about the two futures he faces, one happy, one less-so.

Or is he just thinking about the end?