Scott Morrison Got Called The Fuck Out For Straight Up Lying Like The Slimy Worm He Is

scott morrison lying sunrise interview

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been caught dishing out a bald-faced lie on national morning TV this week, where he made claims about the Labor Party’s electric vehicle policies that was fact-checked nearly immediately and found to be completely untrue. Buddy, yikes.

Morrison appeared on Seven’s Sunrise program on Thursday morning, coming in hot from his (deeply embarrassing) trip to Glasgow for the COP26 climate summit. The topic discussed with hosts David Koch and Natalie Barr? The illustrious issue of electric cars.

The Sunrise team asked Morrison about his “u-turn” on electric vehicles – and played him an interview on the campaign trail back in 2019 where he said electric cars wouldn’t “tow your trailer”– and what it was that changed his view on the whole electric cars thing.

Morrison was quick to claim the opposition were essentially going to force Aussies to switch over to electric cars by putting petrol prices up – something that was never actually part of the Labor Party’s policy.

“Labor wanted to force people to do this and I still don’t want to do that,” he said.

“You don’t get people to do something else by pushing up the price of what they are currently doing. That is still what Labor wants to do. They want to put up your petrol prices, increase your cost of living, to force you to make other choice.”

Nat Barr, bless her, was bloody quick to pick up on this fib, and pressed him on it as soon as she could get a word in.

“Prime Minister, the Labor Party weren’t forcing people, were they,” she began.

“It wasn’t a mandate at the last election that they were introducing. It was a non-binding target of 50 percent. Wasn’t that the same as yours?”

Morrison, blinking rapidly, stressed again that “they were going to put up the price of fuel”, which the Guardian reported is also a lie, because there was no trace of imposing a price hike on fuel for petrol-driven cars.

Mate, dig up, hey.

This latest fuck-up by the Prime Minister comes after French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters in Glasgow that he “knows” that Morrison lied to him about the turbulent submarines deal.

On top of that, former PM Malcolm Turnbull publicly stated that Morrison has “always had a reputation for telling lies” and had lied to his face many times while Turnbull was in the top spot. That bit all kicks off at the 1:30 mark in the below video.

Jesus Christ, Scott, shut the fuck up for a bit won’t you?