Women Who Accused Weinstein Celebrate Justice As He’s Sentenced To “Basically Life In Prison”

Harvey Wenistein’s accusers are expressing relief after he was sentenced to 23 years in prison for a criminal sexual act and rape in the third degree.

In her victim statement, Maryam Haley said: “I showed up, not as a perfect victim, but as a human being.” The jury had found Weinstein guilty of forcibly performing oral sex on her at his apartment.

Jessica Mann said that “today we can have a future vision where monsters no longer hide in our closets.” Weinstein was found guilty of raping her in a hotel room.

Haley and Mann were two of three accusers who have had their allegations heard in the case. Over 90 women have accused the disgraced Hollywood producer of sexual misconduct, including harassment, assault or rape.

“This is your first conviction, but not your first offense,” Judge James Burke told Weinstein during his sentencing.

Many of Weinstein’s accusers took to social media to speak out now that justice has been served.

Italian actor and director Asia Argento, who in 2017 led a group of accusers to release a list of over 100 alleged instances of sexual misconduct dating as far back as 1985, posted on Instagram that she was looking forward to Weinstein’s next trial in Los Angeles.

Actor, director and producer Rosanna Arqette has been one of the most public accusers, giving testimony in the documentary Untouchable. Arqette expressed her gratitude to the women who spoke out and to the reporters who listened to their stories.



Many more of Weinstein’s accusers also expressed relief survivors were finally being heard, including Daryl Hannah, Mira Sorvino, Myleene Klass and Jessica Barth.

New York Times journalist Jodi Kantor first reported substantial allegations of sexual misconduct against Weinstein in 2017.

She described scenes from the courtroom as Weinstein’s sentence was announced.

Days after Kantor’s initial report, Ronan Farrow published further allegations against Weinstein in The New Yorker magazine.

He spoke of the power of accusers to hold powerful people accountable.

Other accusers, including Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd, expressed a desire to move on from the saga.


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